The Rules

Are you looking to participate in the PhotoCee's Photo Hunt activity? You've come to the right place! This year many of us have taken countless walks through Groningen, and now the PhotoCee comes with an activity to spice up your walks. To test which one of you has the best knowledge of the city, we will ask you to run around city center with your phones (or cameras if you're fancy). Your task is simple: starting on Monday 24 May, 12pm, you will find some target pictures shown below. Make sure you have signed up before then, either alone or with a team of two people (if you haven't already, sign up here). You have until Sunday 30 May to look around city center to try and find what these images resemble, and where they were taken.

When you figure out where one of the target images was taken, try to take a picture of the same object or area but make it clear in the picture where this can be found. Send your photos to the PhotoCee by email ( The team with the most fulfilled target pictures wins the Photo Hunt, and therefore wins a grand prize! Of course, the photos should have the target clearly recognizable in the frame. Furthermore, it is possible that two teams end up with the same number of correct pictures. In case of a tie, we will award the team who has taken the prettiest pictures of the targets. So make sure to clean your camera lens, hold your camera straight 'n steady (unless you're deliberately going creative; we can tell the difference), and snap some awesome photos of the targets you've found!

For those too lazy to read the above (you know I'm right), here's a quick overview:


Here you will find the target pictures that you will have to hunt down once the event starts.

If you only see cute kittens, it means the event hasn't started yet. Please wait for May 24th (12:00 CEST), when we will carefully transfer these kittens to a foster home and replace them with the target photos you're after.

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